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The Mission to Everest - Part 3 11.11.2011
The Mission to Everest - Part 2 07.07.2011
The Mission to Everest - Part 1 03.31.2011
Staying at the KGH 03.14.2011
The Return to Pokhara 01.17.2011
Day 1 of Knee-Watch 01.02.2011
The Highs and Lows of Motorcycling in Nepal 10.31.2010
Motorcycle Adventures in Nepal 05.24.2009
Pokhara: Possibly the Best Place Ever 04.13.2009
I Have Smelt Death in Varanasi 04.09.2009
Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi 02.12.2009
On the Rooftop Under the Stars 02.11.2009
Jodhpur: The Blue City 02.11.2009
Thoughts from Mumbai 02.06.2009
Dubai: City of Dreams? 01.24.2009
On The Road Again 01.12.2009
6 Weeks Later 11.04.2007
Mad Dash to the Finish Line 10.22.2007
Machu Picchu - The Lost City of the Incas 10.03.2007
To Buenos Aires with a bus full of Peruvians! 09.18.2007
Rapa Nui - Easter Island 09.18.2007
Sandboarding In The Far Far North 09.14.2007
Kia Ora - Good Health! 09.14.2007
Into The Land of Mordor 09.14.2007
The Road From Kaikoura 09.13.2007
Total Eclipse of the Moon 09.13.2007
How To Live Cheap In Sydney 09.06.2007
Aotearoa - New Zealand: I Love This Country 09.06.2007
Freaking Out In Brisbane 09.06.2007
Singapore: The Fine City 08.13.2007
Taiwan Memento: A Trip Down Memory Lane 08.13.2007
Going Back to the Motherland 08.10.2007
I *heart* Tokyo 08.09.2007
I may be in love ... with Japan 08.01.2007
Out of Africa 08.01.2007
The Perfect Beach of Matemwe 07.28.2007
Whoa! We're halfway there, whoa! Livin' on a Prayer! 07.28.2007
The Spice Island - Zanzibar 07.28.2007
Arusha - The City where even the Banks will steal from you 07.23.2007
Starry Night with Zebras, Buffaloes, Bush Pigs and Hyenas! 07.22.2007
Watching the Sunset in the Serengeti 07.21.2007
How to Reduce Extortion Fees, for Dummies. 07.20.2007
TIA - This Is Africa 07.19.2007
First Class of No Class? 07.07.2007
Anti-Jerusalem Syndrome and International Refugee Camps 07.07.2007
Adventures in the West Bank, Palestine 07.02.2007
Living like a Sultan in Istanbul 07.02.2007
The Sun is Rising in Cappadocia 06.30.2007
The World is Melting in Dubrovnik 06.30.2007
7 Reasons to fall in love with Split 06.30.2007
Paradise Found 06.25.2007
Shall we have a Turkish Bath? 06.24.2007
Krakow: The City of Pope John Paul II 06.23.2007
Your Girlfriend Is Lost 06.12.2007
Beautiful Barcelona 06.03.2007
Sex, Absinthe and Underground Hip-Hop? 06.02.2007
Takeoff 05.27.2007
Graduation, Goodbyes and 'Grets 05.27.2007
You know your travel itinerary is in trouble when? 05.09.2007
Survivor RTW 2007 Planning: Round 1 05.04.2007
So You Want to Plan a Round The World Trip? 04.25.2007